Here I am with a White coffee cup

'Not quite Kirstie Alley'
‘Not quite Kirstie Alley’

1.  Her left shoulder is exposed.  HER left shoulder, not the shoulder on the right.  Pay attention here people, clowns like you sent Hemingway to an early grave.
B.  L hand at 90 degrees to the wrist.  No woman has time for that.
3.  The convenient lock of hair.  “Oh, pfft!  Look at that, that pesky lock of hair again!  Ho hum!”.
4.  An absolutely perfectly white coffee cup.  No one drinks out of an absolutely perfectly white coffee cup!
5)  The L shoulder dip-which conincidentally is also, the worst appetizer Applebees sells.
5.  The combination of all the above elements

This image is laced with moderate levels of crap. Be aware!


This image gets a solid 4 on the ‘Crap-o-meter’.  We’re in moderate bullshit territory here folks, proceed with caution!


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