Two-hand mug hold and textured sweater.



If there was a training manual for bullshit recognition this photo would on the front cover.

The basic two-hand mug hold is obvious to even a noob spotter of bullshit-AS is the over-sized warm sweater.  But what’s not so obvious, what only a true veteran of bullshit spotting would notice is the one hand placed UNDER the mug.  Sure, the handle of the mug is facing away from the individual, sure the side of the mug is completey exposed to the viewer-but it’s the hand placed discretely under the mug that only those sharp of eye, keen of spirit, and bitter of the insides spot!  Some viewers may also notice the textured sweater-serving to separate the individual from the smooth background.

Stand your ground friends, we’re all in this together!  I will not leave you!




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