This blog has stock fotos-unrealistic stock fotos, of women drinking coffee.

No skinny attractive woman in her 20’s EVER, in the history of mankind, has ever sipped coffee while sitting in a frickin’ windowsill wearing warm fuzzy socks, a blanket about her shoulders, and autumn foliage in the background.  

No woman ever’s worn a fuzzy pink sweater, make-up perfect, sultry look on her face, WHILE HOLDING A FRICKIN’ ESPRESSO CUP WITH TWO HANDS!  

Does ANY woman drink coffee and gaze up at the sky wondering about things WHILE THEY AREN’T WEARING PANTS?!  Not in MY world!  In MY world, me, women-they wear pants AND the one thing they do NOT do is gaze up at the sky and wonder about things!  They don’t give a CRAP about what’s going on up there! 

Coffee mug, sweater below the wrists, and grapes on the table?!  Holding a coffee mug with two hands, ski cap on, snow in the background, make-up perfect?!  Fuzzy scarf, stain-FREE white sweater, RED gloves, TWO hands holding a coffee mug, AND A FRICKIN’ CANDY CANE IN THE COFFEE MUG?!   

Enjoy this collection of unrealistic stock photos of women drinking coffee.

~Adam Bein
Dec 1, 2016