Pink hat peace out girl



Yeah, right.  Sure.  Uh-huh.  This girl just happens, juuust happens to be wearing a pink hat and a bright yellow shirt with sunglasses on by the way, what appears to be a day with pretty much zilch as far as sun goes, and the world’s pinkest lipstick, jeans, a nearby rust colored background (I can’t think of one place I’ve ever seen just that element), and disposable coffee cup.  Separately each item is feasible.  Together-uh, NOoooOOhhh.  Also, that peace sign is not on the range of logical behaviour choices to go along w/the other elements in the photo.

This girl is far to groomed to be at this location in that shirt/sweater.

This photo is low on the Crapometer due to the lack of suggestiveness and it’s happy, bright colors.  You are free to proceed-just keep your eyes open.